Get more feel-good stories

from LittleThings

Get more feel-good stories

from LittleThings


Cassie and Paul Morris, LittleThings' adorable married editors, take us through a countdown of the day's most uplifting and inspiring trending videos. Get ready to laugh and cry while staying up to date on all the viral videos that your friends are talking about.

Aired August 21, 2017

Tiger Cubs Meet Their New Mommy

An orphaned baby elephant falls asleep in the arms of a singing caretaker! Plus, a tiger leaps into the air when he sees his favorite human, and the miraculous moment a caterpillar turns into a beautiful monarch butterfly is caught on camera. Those videos and more on Refresh!

Aired August 19, 2017

Chatting With Fasting Expert Blake Horton

A cake explodes during a surprise baby gender reveal! Plus, a quick-thinking cop rescues a scared pelican from a windy bridge, and 2 unlikely animal friends have the cutest cuddle session ever. Refresh starts now!

Aired August 18, 2017

Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

Groom stuns the bride with his perfect dance moves! Plus, gender reveal gone wrong leaves Mom and Dad hysterically confused, and a scared puppy is saved at the very last second.

Aired August 17, 2017

A Show For The Entire Family To Enjoy

Baby gender reveal party transforms into surprise wedding that stuns the new bride! Then, groom’s Irish step dance has the entire family laughing, and Grandma can’t believe her eyes when she sees twins in the nursery room.

Aired August 16, 2017

Dog Rescued After 10 Years Of Abuse

Ultrasound machine in the living room has Mom and the entire family begging for the baby gender reveal! Then, a brave sailor jumps into the ocean to rescue a scared turtle, and Dad sneaks into his son's passionate audition.

Aired August 13, 2017

Chatting With Stand-Up Comic Steve Hofstetter

A bride’s big day ends with a furry surprise, and a mom-to-be is splattered with paint during a colorful surprise baby gender reveal. An all-new Refresh starts now with special guest and stand-up comic Steve Hofstetter!

Aired August 12, 2017

Homemade Lava Lamps

Mom travels around the world to surprise Grandpa with a first-time visit from his grandbaby! Plus, a loaf of bread turns into a life-changing surprise for an unsuspecting woman, and a yummy banana pop recipe the kids will love! All that and more coming up on Refresh!